People Forget That Strong People Still Need Help

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Are you a go-getter?

Are you someone who holds your family together?

Are you someone that people look to for strength?

Do you have someone in your life you see this way? If so, forgive them for their bad days. They may make it seem like most days are easy. That the weight of the world is just easier for them to carry than most. And it may be true. Individuals who grew up too quickly are forced to be strong.

The world has hardened them but don’t forget, they are still human.

They bleed like you do. They aren’t immune to loneliness or heartbreak.

The difference is…they know that they can only cry and allow themselves into depression in small and very few increments at a time. They have to keep going. Too many people rely on them.

Like other humans, they go through shit too.

They cry when no one is looking.

There are a lot of late nights spent staring at the ceiling. Eyes wide open.

So that person that takes care of you…

that person who takes care of their family…

that person who makes it look so easy to do it all alone…

that person won’t always show you how scared they really are…

that person won’t overly express their worries even when they’re thinking about it every day.

that person deserves some empathy…

some compassion.

The next time this person is having a bad day, bad week…try and remember this. If you have someone like this in your life, they truly love you and will do anything for you. With a healthy balance of give and take of course 🙂


Image by Linus Schütz from Pixabay





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