Category: My Poetic Heart

Meaning…family, love, lost, happiness.

Her Beautiful Soul

The worth of her beautiful soul far outweighs any credentials

The weight of her passion calls for Greek gods to carry

Her intensity will light a fire in the midst of a hurricane

She dances in the rain to the beat of my heart

She looks at me and smiles… I see shooting stars šŸŒ 

I’ve been told how magical my eyes light up when I speak of her

This girl, she’s changed my whole world

She cries during zappy love movies

She believes in fairytale endings

She’s a lover of animals

Nature fuels her soul

The ocean inspires her

Her heart like Mother Teresa. She always does what she can and then some

She’s a believer in the little things

That one simple act of kindness can change someone’s life

That it’s better to do than not

She shakes the very core of me

She’s everything I could ever hope to be

Her beautiful soul inspires me

How’d I get so lucky?

God has blessed me with the grace of an angel


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To find a love worth it all…

is possible

although hard to find

it could happen with our very first love

or with our 6th love

at 23

possibly 46

love…so jarring

but so worth it

and when you find a love worth it all Continue reading “A LOVE WORTH IT ALL”

Strangers By Your Side

How does it feel after a night with a stranger by your side?

Did you love the smell of her hair?

Did the texture of her skin soothe your mind?

How did you feel holding her body in your arms?

Were you happy?

Did she fill the empty space in your heart?

Oh, no?

So on you go.

Another night, another strange body lying next to you.

You go through the same motions.

Strangers by your side, night after night.

Running your hands through her hair.

Caressing your palms over the curves of her body.

Kissing with no real magic.

Only one intention…

to feel.

That you are alive.

And once you get thereā€¦what is left?

Does it leave you feeling lonely?

Is it just another temporary distraction for a void you desperately wish to fill?

Friday is hereā€¦and it starts all over again. Continue reading “Strangers By Your Side”