Jupiter In Aries

All planets are direct, and we’re coming out of Mercury’s shadow period. Thank the universe! I feel like the energies have been so stagnant. Not for everyone, but definitely for me! The Leo full moon on Feb. 5th was in my 12th house. In my mind, I’m like enough with the 12th house stuff already. Did anything major happen to you during the full moon? It was supposedly a major one. The energies “should” start accelerating. I use should loosely because it seems like regardless of the astrology, people’s lives are playing out so differently. After a decade of following my birth chart, I believe now it’s not the day-to-day planetary energies that rule our present moments. Or the week and even the month. It’s more important to be aware of the major transits and any major shifts in your personal chart. I also think people, including myself, take it too literally. Therefore, I stopped watching so many daily videos. No more generic tarot, either. It’s been pretty liberating. To just live my life in flow for the most part. Jupiter in Aries would be one to harness. It’s a LIVE and LET LIVE VIBE!!!

Jupiter went into Aries December 20th, 2022. Normally, that would mean a gusto of energy. After all, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in the fire sign Aries. You’d think we’d collectively feel like it’s go time. But, planets were in retrograde. The North Node is in the slow sign of Taurus. Definitely was not a go time.

What are some of the themes that could be playing out with Jupiter in Aires? Well…

Ask yourself, what journey do I want to start? Where do I want to expand? What are my goals? My dreams?

It’s time now to get in the trenches and do the work. North Node in Taurus is telling us we need to be methodical. Choose only the most valuable. This could be choosing only one or two task/skills that will get you closer to your goal. Or buying the laptop that costs you a little more but will help you get your work done more efficiently. Pick spending time with a few good people that have common interests that prove to be beneficially mutual, real value gains. Gains isn’t just monetary, but also spiritual. My point is, pick and choose wisely with a focus on fulfilling what to achieve in this decade by the end of this decade. I know 2030 seems far away. But trust me, you don’t want to spend the next seven years of your life idling and never making concrete progress.

This year is going to be a detrimental time in everyone’s life. Huge planetary shifts are happening. As always, it will unfold in different ways for everyone. Those in the middle of a war, compared to those of us in America, will have vastly different stories playing out.

I won’t write about external things going on in the world. It’s not that it won’t affect us on some level. It will. But if you’re fortunate enough and not caught up in the dramas of the corrupt, I highly recommend being laser focused on YOURSELF. Not in an egocentric way.

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Know that whatever is speaking to you, whatever keeps wanting your attention…it might very well be what will take you forward into something better if you take action on it. Be sure not to embody the negative side of Aries. Don’t just ram into everything without thinking about the consequences and how it could affect others. Be thoughtful. Look at things from different angles in order to make the best decisions. If there was ever a time when dreams can turn into reality, it’s now with Jupiter in Aries. If you are persistent enough, by the end of this transit, you’ll make strides that will even shock yourself.

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay 

Image by Adis Resic from Pixabay 

Final edits/creation by: Me, Roacilynn 🙂

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About me…let’s see….I would say I am a TRUE Virgo. If you knew me, then you would so agree. There are quite a few things I care deeply about. Off the top of my head, I would say with much passion, my family, friends, the environment and world peace. Oh and animals. Can't forget them. I think I love animals more than most humans, lol. I believe it’s important to surround yourself with good people. Be picky with who you let in your circle. The environment, the earth does not belong to us. We are merely just visiting for a period of time. So lets no abuse it. World peace, that’s a hard one. It’s not a perfect world, but wouldn't it be wonderful if every child, women and man were safe? We can’t change the world and every single soul living on earth. But one person can make a great difference in the surroundings in which they live. Wouldn't you agree? Let’s not forget what fuels my soul, music. It speaks for me when I can’t. It expresses my feelings when I am unaware of what they are. It has a way of lifting my spirits when I am down. It has this magical power that is able to touch my heart with just lyrics alone. I wouldn't know what I would do without it. Poetry, I love poetry. In all forms...written or spoken. I think that's it :) Wait, then there is God, the source of everything. Astrology, quantum physics, Abraham Hicks, Agape...I should just end this now, LOL.

Any thoughts?

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