Author: Roacilynn

Sometimes I need to just stop all the noise

Do you ever feel like that? I scroll through my feeds, watch Youtube videos and sometimes I get to a point and just think to myself, enough already. So many opinions, so much advice. Do this. Don’t do that. Hey, I’m that person who loves to give advice too 😁 I bet people sometimes say

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Hunter being hailed a hero after saving nine koalas from the Australia fires — Positive Outlooks Blog

This young hunter is being hailed a hero after he saved nine injured koalas from the wildfires in Victoria, Australia. After the fires have died down, Patrick Boyle went on a solo rescue mission in the eucalyptus forests outside Mallacoota to retrieve injured wildlife. He completely understood that entering an unsafe and scorched area in… via

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7 things everyone should know about Australia’s wildfire disaster

THE WARNING SIGNS WERE THERE  However, Australia’s elected leaders have been reluctant to confront the country’s contributions to climate change, a major factor in the bushfires. Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal and both of Australia’s major parties are courting support from the country’s powerful mining industry. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in particular, has refused

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