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Homeless woman living in car with dogs now has a home after 2 women asked neighbors to help — Positive Outlooks Blog

This story warms my heart so much!!!   For two years, this homeless woman had been living in her SUV together with her two dogs – until kind strangers stepped in to change her situation. It all began when best friends Jennifer Husband-Elsier and Melissa Akacha approached 70-year-old Lynn Schutzman’s car in a Target parking

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You Deserve More

Life has pulled you in so many different directions. It’s knocked you around leaving scars. But you made it. You’ve realized, you are not the victim of your circumstances. Life was happening for you, not to you. I won’t try and justify any wrongdoings or why, but, I will say if you found the courage

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Why Do We Always Talk About How Flawed We Are?

I’ve noticed recently that everyone talks about how flawed they are. Articles are titled “MY FLAWS.” Poetry is filled with… I’m flawed and it’s ok. “Perfectly Imperfect” We embrace it. Like battle scars. I was thinking, why do we do that? Of course, we’re not perfect. Where did the notion that humans were ever perfect

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