Sometimes You Have To Create Your Own Closure

Have you ever had a loss so great that no matter how much work you’ve done, it seems to still live in the back of your mind? A song, a sunny day, or even a cocktail brings up memories reminding you of what you lost.

Reassuring yourself with self-talk, analyzing, replaying past events, and concluding letting go was the right thing to do only provided temporary peace. A great loss isn’t like fair weather friends or three months of dating. It’s below the surface, soul crushing. And sometimes you don’t always get the closure you need. Which then creates constant battles in your mind. There are no rebuttals to your emotions. You’re left to come up with your own answers.

There’s no timeframe when it comes to healing and moving on. Some say that time doesn’t heal all… maybe not. But I believe it does for most things.

Are you wanting to end a chapter in your life? Well…try this ritual.

Candles. Candles are always a must. Grab a piece of paper and pen. Write a full-blown letter to who or whatever it is you’re done with. Pour ALL your emotions into it. Write about all the great things. How much you value everything you received. Really immerse yourself in these thoughts. Relive it. Then write about when things started going wrong. From the little things all the way till there was no going back. Don’t hide from the anger and pain. You must feel it all. Even if it’s bitterness and resentment. Your heart needs to fully break all over again. Cry because crying renews you.

Now, you’ll proceed to the closure part. Thank them or whatever energy you are trying to let go of. Expressing how it was a great loss, but so what you needed at the time. Write that you’re okay now. That you can let it go and make room for the new. That you’re finally ready to make peace with everything that has happened.

Then, put on your favorite song to dance to. You know what comes next. Yes, burn that letter! As the flame engulfs the paper in your hand, set it down with the intention of making peace with it all. Then dance!!! Dance with the intention of finally letting it all go. Embrace the liberation. Welcome the new!

I hope this helps you. I will be performing this exact ritual during the upcoming Pisces new moon. New moons are generally meant for new things to start, but it’s such a spiritual sign. A 12th house, working through your shit and releasing vibe. This is preparing us for the 1st house of Aries. Hopefully, new great things will start coming in as we release the old ❤️

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About me…let’s see….I would say I am a TRUE Virgo. If you knew me, then you would so agree. There are quite a few things I care deeply about. Off the top of my head, I would say with much passion, my family, friends, the environment and world peace. Oh and animals. Can't forget them. I think I love animals more than most humans, lol. I believe it’s important to surround yourself with good people. Be picky with who you let in your circle. The environment, the earth does not belong to us. We are merely just visiting for a period of time. So lets no abuse it. World peace, that’s a hard one. It’s not a perfect world, but wouldn't it be wonderful if every child, women and man were safe? We can’t change the world and every single soul living on earth. But one person can make a great difference in the surroundings in which they live. Wouldn't you agree? Let’s not forget what fuels my soul, music. It speaks for me when I can’t. It expresses my feelings when I am unaware of what they are. It has a way of lifting my spirits when I am down. It has this magical power that is able to touch my heart with just lyrics alone. I wouldn't know what I would do without it. Poetry, I love poetry. In all forms...written or spoken. I think that's it :) Wait, then there is God, the source of everything. Astrology, quantum physics, Abraham Hicks, Agape...I should just end this now, LOL.

Any thoughts?

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