A True Artist


Beyonce seems to NEVER disappoint. A true artist. She has a track titled I Was Here. Every time I listen to it I always say to myself, if we lost her, her words would be remembered. Her desire to touch the hearts of millions was accomplished. Geez, it would be devastating for me. To lose someone […]

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Why I Couldn’t Stay


You love me, I know. You love me, more than I love you. You’re good to me. Before you have a drink, you always make sure I have mine first. You kiss me goodbye, you kiss me goodnight. You need me. Even on nights I’m horrible. You still reach out for me. You look at […]

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To embrace a new but always was…

Yesterday I took part in the “Women’s March on Sacramento.” I had planned to go weeks in advance. But that morning when I woke, I was like…I could use a few more hours of sleep. I lifted my arms out of the layers of warmth and thought to myself, fuck it’s cold. Is that wind […]

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Where the faith comes in…

One Saturday morning I woke and actually felt somewhat normal again. I can’t give you the date, or time…or the kind of morning it was. I assume sunny. I assume the sun rays were peaking through my blinds. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the sun rise. Like clockwork, I rise before the sun […]

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Sweet escape 😊


This weekend will be a sweet escape. From the entire freaken world. We’ll, I won’t be alone technically 😏 but I will have ZERO reception. No phones, no social media, no bad news overflowing my ether. It’s going to be just me and the universe. We will be ONE…clear of negative energy. I’ve been trying […]

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