I Wanted You To Be The One

I’ll be honest…

I wanted you to be the one because I was tired of waiting.

I wanted you to be the one because I was tired of searching.

I wanted you to be the one because the universe brought you back to me.

I wanted you to be the one because your hands felt familiar.

They are hands I once trusted.

Hands that I once loved.

I wanted to believe that the years of puddle jumping were over.

I wanted you to be the one.

But I knew…no matter how hard I tried to see the beauty… Continue reading “I Wanted You To Be The One”


Love Leaves (But It Always Returns)

Love left and came back with new eyes, with new hands. Love left and came back with a voice I did not recognize, with a heart I did not expect. Yes – love left, but when it came back I could not help but forgive it, for it was more beautiful than I had ever imagined; it was bigger than I had ever hoped.

You see, when love left it did not ask me to follow it, but I insisted. I tried with every bone in my body to convince it that I was worthy, that I was capable of making it last. I dressed my words in silken poetry; I tried to make it stay with prose and praise. I pleaded with love, like a nostalgic beggar just asking to go home again. But, love still left. It still slipped through my fingers. Continue reading “Love Leaves (But It Always Returns)”

Looking Back On This Exhausting 2018

I’ve been feeling extremely lazy lately. Judging myself and feeling guilty for not wanting to do anything but Netflix (a little HBO too…decided I am NOT a – The Game of Thrones fan. Forced myself all the way to the second season and still found too many scenes disturbing)

but yeah…that’s all I’ve been wanting to do.

I tired mediating and getting back into my rhythm. Nothing seemed to help. Finally, I was just like…whatever. I stopped trying to force myself to do anything I didn’t feel like doing.

Just… whatever. Continue reading “Looking Back On This Exhausting 2018”