This Is Not An Ordinary Mercury In Retrograde

Do you feel a little lost? Stuck? Confused? I know we feel these things every so often. It’s simply us just going through a growth period. But this time around, it’s different. If you’re sensitive to planetary shifts at all, you must know what I mean.

I’m a Virgo rising and Virgo sun. Mercury retrograde is a double whammy for me. Not to mention Saturn in Taurus and my personal chart do whacky things.

The material world is changing. Systems are collapsing and there is a new wave of energy coming to the forefront. Even the collective consciousness seems to be awakening at a faster rate (100 monkeys?). For those of you aware of Lightworkers, Starseeds, etc… more are waking up. I see it on YouTube. More interaction with Dolores Cannon and other esoteric channels lately.

Personally, I thought I figured it out. That astrology led me to God and I’ve awakened. But there is more. Much more.

Mercury retrograde this time around has me going very deep within. I’ve begun the shadow work.


My focus is changing. I feel there is a bigger mission calling me. Writing will always be something I do. That I love. But the mission is going to require me to connect with as many people as I possibly can.

I’m going to have to renew, reassess, realign, reflect and reinvigorate. Well…that’s what I’ve been doing. Staying pretty quiet in hermit mode doing tons of research.

There is one commonality that hasn’t changed, what’s imprinted in my soul…that I want to make a difference. At the core of everything I do and want to do, this is and will always be the driving force.

So… for now, Youtube will be my main focus. It’s much easier to reach a wider audience there versus me just blogging. If I’m a little quiet here…it’s because I’m there 🙂

Anyways, hope these energies aren’t driving you too crazy. Wish this super introverted girl some luck 😁😁😁


Her Beautiful Soul

The worth of her beautiful soul far outweighs any credentials

The weight of her passion calls for Greek gods to carry

Her intensity will light a fire in the midst of a hurricane

She dances in the rain to the beat of my heart

She looks at me and smiles… I see shooting stars 🌠

I’ve been told how magical my eyes light up when I speak of her

This girl, she’s changed my whole world

She cries during zappy love movies

She believes in fairytale endings

She’s a lover of animals

Nature fuels her soul

The ocean inspires her

Her heart like Mother Teresa. She always does what she can and then some

She’s a believer in the little things

That one simple act of kindness can change someone’s life

That it’s better to do than not

She shakes the very core of me

She’s everything I could ever hope to be

Her beautiful soul inspires me

How’d I get so lucky?

God has blessed me with the grace of an angel


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You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion

This is such an eye-opening article.

Following your passion is like the ultimate bullshit. I agree. Why? I’ve lived it.

But wait…

It isn’t that black and white. Following your passion really is great for the soul. If your passion happens to support the lifestyle you want, you are blessed. Although for many, it doesn’t always work out.

What you should do first…

Stop worrying. You never, ever have to give up your passions. What you do have to do is support yourself. There are alternatives to your passions. What else are you good at?

Write them down.

Now how can you incorporate them in the money-making world? Continue reading “You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion”