The Freedom of Choices

Do you know what the odds are of actually being born is? Like one in so many trillions. We literally are miracles! Here’s a pretty clever article on it from the Huffington Post.

Are You a Miracle?

So, with that one fact…we should be pretty grateful. Unless you’d rather be a shark or turtle. Maybe in your next lifetime. I wouldn’t mind being a shark. The cold wouldn’t bother me so much then 😊 But sharks aren’t lucky enough to Netflix and chill.  Or have food plopped in front of them with little effort. $10 bucks can get me a very tasty plate of Pad Thai!

Now that you know we’re miracles, why do you think so many of us are unhappy? Why do we restrict ourselves from living the kind of life we want? We stay in unhappy relationships and jobs. The days keep passing by and we eventually accept things as they are. Why? We have choices. We are so damn lucky to be able to curate our lives into whatever it is we want. Be reasonable. I would love to be Beyonce but I just don’t have that kind of talent. It’s not in the cards for me and I’m OK with that (we all have shortcomings, accept it but don’t let it hold you back). What I am is very aware of what I’m good at. And that’s where I focus. When I do get lost (because I do), I stop and shut out all the noise. Let my heart speak and re-center myself.

The world is ever-changing and evolving. We have a massive amount of power and many don’t even realize it.

There is no REAL box. Just the ones that others have created and you have chosen to live in it. Make the choice to create your own world.

The Freedom of Choices

The main reason for this title is to say –  we can do whatever the hell we want. You can be an artist or an accountant. You can work your 9-5 and do slam poetry in the evenings. Be a stay at home dad. Travel the world or be happy hanging out on your day off barbecuing. There is no one right or wrong way when it comes to LIVING YOUR LIFE. My blog touches on a variety of subjects that reflect my personality and the things I care about. It’s not just one thing because my mind works like a circuit board that has a lot to say.

Please don’t limit yourself. Don’t let the past hold you back nor the people in the present. You have the power. You are the owner of your life.

Remember… every choice you make will determine your path and who you are and what you will you become.

We have the freedom of choices. I think we’re all so very lucky to have it. What are you going to do with it???