We can literally do anything we want to do

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Who is really standing in our way?

There are circumstances. But then again, there will always be circumstances. Controllable and uncontrollable. Welcome to LIFE.

Ahh…to be fearless. Some are born with it in their DNA and others don’t have it at all. There also exists the in between. I think that’s where I fall in. I like to keep a happy medium. Safe but not too safe.

Our risk tolerance is fueled by our circumstances. If you have more money in the bank, the easier it would be to tell your supervisor to fuck off. The single mom who doesn’t have that kind of cushion will probably stay in an unhappy job. And I hope that single mom sets aside a certain amount of time to search and apply for jobs. Even if it’s just one a day.  Now if she’s complaining and says she doesn’t have one hour to fill out an application, then she should not complain about it. Ever. You’re just wasting energy talking about it. What is the point?

Outcomes are based on your decisions. If you are still unhappy 6 months later after discovering what the problem is, it’s your fault. Don’t expect someone else to make you happy.  I’ve been in stagnant unhealthy relationships. I stayed too long. Guess what? It’s my fault. Every decision I make leads me to where I end up. I don’t blame anyone. Again, wasted energy.

Life is unpredictable and very short. So why wait? To say I love you. To ask someone out. Why wait on that trip you’ve been wanting to take if you have the money? Why wait on starting that business? Patience is important when we’re speaking of certain endeavours. Planning, time and precision is a need for lets say…stocks trading. But to ask out someone you like, that doesn’t take much at all.

We can literally do anything we want to do. Less thinking and talking. Just figure out what you want and how to execute it.


Any thoughts?

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