Learning How To Be Laser Focused

Learning how to be laser focused… it’s REALLY difficult for me. I’m just not good at it. Never have been. I was an average student. Not that I wasn’t capable. Forcing myself to stay interested was like holding my breath. To this day, I struggle.

I can’t focus on just one thing. So, my solution is to narrow it down to 3. Since it’s my favorite number and all.

#1 – is top priority.  And that’s the one that is going to realistically get me to where I want to be.

#2 – is to keep my passion alive. Which is writing. It’s not a means to make money. One day it will be. I’ve learned mixing the two has been my downfall. I write because I enjoy it. I write because it’s my outlet. Not because it makes money. Writing should come from my heart. A true and authentic place only. Not by force because I want something in return.

#3 – is to stick to #1 and #2, that’s it. When I find myself straying, I have to STOP and revert back to my plan. I’m always changing shit up. Hence why I can’t be great at one thing. Majoring in minor things will always keep me at that “almost” level. Eventually I have to buckle down. That’s now. Why? I’m done running around in circles.

Reading and watching motivational videos is great. It helps put you in the right state of mind. But many don’t go any further that.  Stuck in that I want more but unable to grind and do the work consistently –  no matter what.

I read a really good article. It perfectly describes who I am. To my surprise I’m not the only one built this way. It made me feel good because I got to know myself even more. It’s OK that I am this way. I need to work on letting go of the need to be perfect. There are just some things I suck at. No need to beat myself up about it. I will focus on what I am good at and allow myself to bloom from those spaces.

http://tcat.tc/1DxiYht (This article, so me!😎)

To all the very overdriven yet also extremely lazy at the same time people, I feel you! I accept that I am this way. Some will have things to say about it. Like, that’s why you’re not where you want to be. My response is, I like to Netflix and chill. It’s my life and I will live it on my terms. I’m not worried about you or where you’re at. I’m just worried about me. I don’t complain or feel sorry for myself. I just DO. I do what I need and want to do. And I sure as hell don’t ask for any handouts in the process. So I think I am doing pretty damn well. People are always judging and criticizing others. I find that a lot on the internet. I admit I use to be that way. The truth is, you’re just insecure with yourself. Secure people don’t take the time to belittle others. It’s a waste of energy! If you just released a book, why are you writing a blog post about how people who watch TV are basically dumb? Like why? Being rude will not help you sell books. People who watch TV love to read too.

Balance is the key. That’s something we should all strive to have because we’ll be happier within ourselves. There should be no lack of anything. We should have enough of what we need and enjoy. My balance is different from yours. Just as long as we’re all HAPPY.

I live more by action and not the internet nowadays. Much more peaceful. No arguing and calling people out. President Trump…doesn’t it get exhausting? 🤣

Anyways, here are some words of wisdom from Adam Khoo – in which he learned from his mentor. “There are 3 things you should never go against. Gravity, love and the trend.” Awesome!




Any thoughts?

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