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Sometimes I need to just stop all the noise

Do you ever feel like that? I scroll through my feeds, watch Youtube videos and sometimes I get to a point and just think to myself, enough already. So many opinions, so much advice. Do this. Don’t do that. Hey, I’m that person who loves to give advice too 😁 I bet people sometimes say

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The Holidays, Family and a New Decade Ahead

The word family…what does it mean? True lineage is blood relation correct? How about your husband or wife? I guess family isn’t so easily explained. It’s the holidays here in the US. We make a really big deal about Black Friday and Christmas presents. Some of us spend it alone. Some of us spend it

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Ponder, Ponder

I’m a ponderer. I have a lot to ponder about. Like…what is the purpose of life? Like…why doesn’t everyone have clean water on earth when we’ve created straws with filters? Yes…I know, I know…but it’s hard for me to comprehend. So many things to ponder on…ponder, ponder. There’s this gentleman I know. We have quite

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