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What do you think?

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Eventually You Have To Let Go

Have you ever held on to a thought, a want so tight that you actually believed it was destined? Like you connect all the dots and say to yourself, it has to be. This, this and this happened. It has to be. It’s all so elusive but your gut is saying it’s a sure thing.

The mind is very powerful. And is also a trickster. It will fool you into just about anything the heart desires. That job. That girl. That thing.

You would think they would learn how to better work together. You go months, even years with this concoction of fantasies. Holding on so tight to something that was never really meant to be yours.

There comes a point when you start to wonder and question all the dots that you connected. I think during this time your frequency starts to pick up static. You’re getting different signals. It connects but not fully. Now you’re left with an open line just waiting for the song to play clearly. It’s a very crucial time because it will alter the course of your life.

Will you patiently wait, slowing adjusting the knob (my age is showing, lol)? Or will you rush it and force the knob to find a connection, any connection?

The first choice I think is a good one. You’re already confused and unsure. To me, that signals you need to take a step back and zen out. Clear your mind and allow yourself the time to release what it is your holding on so tight too. Let the smoke clear. Then let whatever needs to come in follow.

Choice two…you’re desperate. Blindly searching for what you want without careful deliberation. If you keep chasing something that yields no return…you eventually have to face the truth. As hard as it may be, you must. That or either miss out on other possibilities that could be great.

The universe forces us when it has too. There are times when it’s nudging you. To think and rethink things.

There are a few questionable circumstances going on in my life right now. I’m not going to react. Instead, I’ll make a conscious decision to stay open and receptive to what the universe is asking of me. I’m not the best meditator but I will most definitely try these coming weeks. Let my inner being come out and tell me what the hell it is I’m supposed to be doing 😣 The last thing I need to do is run on emotions.

There are a couple of things that I have come to terms with. One is letting go. Things that I thought were meant to happen. Like I’m REALLY letting go. New beginnings are presenting themselves. A little scary I must admit. But life is so short and I refuse to let past hang-ups and let downs get in the way. #icant Regardless of the unwanted things that have happened in my life…I really am grateful to be alive. Truly.

Conclusion…you can hang on for as long as you like. But eventually, you have to let go. Some things in this life just weren’t meant for you. Maybe the next one 🤷 Have faith and keep moving forward.

People Around The World

It’s 8:19pm and I’m laying in bed. I was reading and suddenly felt tired. Ok, let me close my eyes for a bit. It’s too early for bed on a Saturday night 😆

I’m laying here trying to rest my mind. The window is open. Let me concentrate on the wind, the sounds of the cars passing by.

Then I start to think…I wonder what others are doing right now. People around the world. I start to envision what Japan would be like. Don’t they have a city that never sleeps? I kind of imagine it like New York on steroids. Then I envisioned country side lands. An Asian village where there are huts. What are they doing? Cows and rice fields appear in my thoughts. Are people washing clothes in the river at this time? How about those in rural America. Quiet. Crickets chirping. West Hollywood must be poppin right about now. Beautiful city lights. Annoying traffic but who cares when the music is bumpin on a cool spring night. New York probably is just as crazy. Hmmm…I wonder what Taylor Swift is doing ? 😂

I remember the days when I use to drive home in the evenings on Ben Holt (a very busy street in my city). It’s a two way, pretty narrow street and you’re going about 25 mph. It’s a very well-kept up street and the homes are always well maintained. I could see through their windows and I’d ask myself…I wonder how their lives are? Are they having dinner? Are the kids doing homework or watching TV? I would ponder often as I rode that street every evening.

I’m laying here… thinking. On this round planet…in this physical reality…there are so many of us. Just breathing and moving and looking into 6 inch screens. Fascinating. Pretty freakin amazing actually. Then I start to think of who may be suffering. I had to stop myself and say get back into the vortex. I’m reading The Law Of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

STAY IN THE FREAKIN VORTEX 🌌 Roacilynn 😆 Had to keep reminding myself.

Anyways, another so random thought I felt the need to write about. But think about it. At this very moment, what the heck is everyone doing? Life never stops. Planet earth keeps turning. The sun keeps rising then setting. The moon keeps rising then setting. And we keep going and going.

I can’t help but wonder what all the people around the world are doing at this exact second. Amazing indeed!!!


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