Too Much Talking and Not Enough Doing

Or is it too much thinking and not enough doing? Probably both. Advice to myself today. JUST DO IT. JUST DO IT. JUST DO IT. NO EXCUSES. JUST DO IT. Thinking too much equals NO ACTION. Many of us confuse busy work with productive work. Better figure out the difference real quick. Happy Monday!

We can literally do anything we want to do

Who is really standing in our way? There are circumstances. But then again, there will always be circumstances. Controllable and uncontrollable. Welcome to LIFE. Ahh…to be fearless. Some are born with it in their DNA and others don’t have it at all. There also exists the in between. I think that’s where I fall in….

Tunnel Vision

Every wonder what drives the 18 year-olds to move across country and even the world to come to LA or New York? I do. I’m 34, in my eyes they’re still so young…what drives them to be so brave? Young woman who have so much at stake. We’re fragile in the physical sense. In most…