So lets talk about Vanessa Guillen…

Why hasn’t she received the kind of attention George Floyd has?

Fact: Racism against the black community has been going on for over 400 years. It’s still very alive today so yes, the black community and those who aren’t racist assholes have every right to be angry. Enough is enough.

Now, let’s talk about how women have been oppressed. When did men start raping and beating women? Was it 200 years ago? 500? Or is it closer to the day’s mankind was first created? How many years ago did men decide women were not equal? How long have fathers been raping their daughters, brothers raping their sister, uncles raping their nieces? How many women around the world are being beaten, raped, or killed every day? Do you know? Do you realize how much money is in the porn/sex trafficking industry?

Here’s some light reading (I’m being sarcastic)…this shit will make you very uncomfortable. Unless you’re a predator yourself.

So please, tell me why there is not an outrage going on across the globe for Vanessa?

My frustration and anger are off the fucken charts as of late. My emotions have been super uncontrollable.

America, why the fuck do we not have a woman president yet?????????? I rest my case.

Any thoughts?

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