Dear Music

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Something happened. Somewhere along the way I lost my love for you.

But not completely. I occasionally tap the green icon and select liked songs.

Occasionally…is what makes me feel uncomfortable. The sparks seem to have fizzled.

Do you understand how baffled I am?

SPARKS: a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire, alight in ashes, or produced by striking together two hard surfaces such as stone or metal.

You were my spark.

Where did we go wrong? What happened to – Music Is My Life?

Things just don’t seem the same with us anymore. I miss you. I want you back.

Is it you that’s changed? There’s an endless of “Release Friday” songs to choose from. Sadly after five minutes of searching and skipping I dismiss you completely.

Maybe it’s me? I no longer fit in your new world? Pop is so…different. Hip hop and rap gets auto tuned in words I no longer understand.

I feel lost without you but even more lost when I am with you.

This is new for me. Difficult to explain. I pray that it may be a temporary winter between us. I long for those warm summer days again.

I’ll keep searching and shuffling. I will never give up on you, on us❤

Image by Martyn Cook from Pixabay 

Any thoughts?

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