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Tell Me What You Did Today, And I’ll Tell You Where You’ll Be In 10 Years

By Brianna Wiest

Via~Thought Catalog

The second deepest human fear is the unknown. The first is unknown suffering, or being in ongoing pain without understanding why.

Our objective in life is split, and a direct response to those two things: to avoid pain, and pursue pleasure. But mostly, it is to try to make the unknown known. It’s why we look to stars and palms and spirit guides, cards and natal charts. It’s why we’re hung up on finding our “soulmates,” our dream jobs, our perfect towns and cities.

The truth is that we put an unbelievable amount of stock into what the world can tell us about where will be down the line, when the answer is so plainly in front of us.

Perhaps that’s what we’re running from.

If you tell me what you did today, I will tell you where you’ll be in 10 years. Not because you are destined to stay where you are. Not because you’re incapable of change. Not because you are doomed to repeat the past.

I can tell you where you’ll be in a decade because the subtle behaviors in your daily routine — and whether or not you stick to them — are the building blocks of your future life. I can tell you where you’ll be because your words are telling me. I can tell you where you’ll be because you will ultimately become exactly what you are. “Character is fate,” as it were. Your life will grow to reflect precisely what’s happening in your head. Continue reading “Tell Me What You Did Today, And I’ll Tell You Where You’ll Be In 10 Years”


I know you really think I can’t do it

The people closest to you are normally the ones that question your ability to conquer your dreams the most. Sad but true. They love you and mean well but they just aren’t sure of you. It could be their own insecurities. Or maybe they’ve seen your ways (Netflix binge 3 out of 4 weeks).

Before you get all huffy and puffy, let’s think this through. What do you fill your day doing? The entire 24 hours.

My answer: I do a lot of things. Too many to list off the top of my head.

That isn’t a good enough answer. I know this and so do you. How do we remedy this? 🤔

Ah ha! Journal it! It may seem very tedious. You might even think it’s a waste of time. But if you really what to know if it’s – 1) their own insecurities or 2) you Netflix and binge way too much … then you should do it.

Now, be honest. Don’t all the sudden be more productive because you’re holding yourself accountable. Keep living how you have been. No one is going to read it and judge you. In the end, it’s just to help you.

You will either say…I know you really think I can’t do it but that’s your own insecurity speaking OR… I fuck around way too much.

I think journaling daily for 30 days is sufficient to really get a good idea of how you spend your time. I’m gonna do this too 😬

Don’t be lazy. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain 🤓

End of project “Self Awareness” 10/6/2018

Holding Myself Accountable


I’m halfway there. I just need to get through a couple more stages.

  • The rough draft is complete
  • The format has been laid out
  • I’ve chosen a title (I think )

Now I need to:

  • Proofread and edit
  • Complete artwork

Not too much right? I’ve looked up a few self-publishing sites. I think I’m going to go with Create Space (owned by Amazon). This will be my first book ever. How the times have changed. No more waiting for someone to think your book is good enough.

This age benefits the artist. Whether you’re a writer or a singer. There are plenty of avenues to get your work out to the masses.

What I’ve learned…content creation is everything. Work on your craft constantly. The more you do it, the better you will get. The more content, the better.

Social media is the game you must get really good at.

Marketing and advertising – we don’t have to pay tons of money for it at first. I don’t pay for any social media platforms. Once you get real momentum, you should start paying for advertising. Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I decided in order to build momentum I needed to get myself on the court. Like, I can’t score if I haven’t even tried out for the team. I have a couple of books I’ve been working on. It’s hard, I admit. At times the creativity is flowing and sometimes I come to a complete stop. I thought to myself, I have tons of poetry. Things I’ve written and saved through the years. Why not get those out now? Why wait?

So, I’ve set a deadline for myself. June 20th, 2018! I just randomly picked a date 😆 I think maybe I should look at my astrology first. Well, definitely mid-June. Now that I’ve put it out there into the universe, I’m holding myself accountable. It’s one thing to think it in your mind and write it down. It’s another to say it out loud and put yourself on the spot. I’m not one to back down from a challenge…even with myself 😉

The race is on 🏇🏇🏇