Not Sure What Your Purpose Is?

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The only purpose of life is to enjoy it ~ unknown

Pull out a piece of paper and get ready to jot some things down.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What is my true message for this world? The million-dollar question. Don’t know it?

  • List 5 talents/strengths you have.
  • Pick 3 that you have the most passion for.
  • List 3 hard situations you’ve had in your life so far. It doesn’t have to be something life-shattering. It could be something like quitting soda. Our hardships are uniquely different but your troubles aren’t new. We, humans, have lived a long time. I know plenty of people who struggle with soda.
  • How did you overcome this situation(s)?

Could any of the hardships you listed fit into one of the things you’re passionate about?

I’m going to assume you said yes. If you didn’t, this won’t help you very much. We’d have to look at it from a different angle.

Now you have an idea of what your talents are, what you have passion for, the first-hand experience on how to overcome XYZ Think of ways you can turn your triumphs into services.

Let’s say you were at one point addicted to soda and struggled to give it up. One day after a visit to the doctor’s office you get into your car and felt horrible you let it get so far. The scare you needed did the trick. Off to the races! You finally set things into motion regarding your health.

If you successfully gave up soda and you feel great about it, you can do how-to articles or videos. Or if you’re just starting, you can document literally everything. Tips and tricks as well as the days where you fail. You think people don’t want to see it and the truth is, not everyone is going to like you or your personality. But for every ten NO’s…there will be one YES. I rather have 300 active and engaging followers than 3000 dead ones.

Are you thinking – “but what else can I do? I can’t just talk about how I gave up soda.” True but at this point, you should have an idea of what you’re good at plus passionate about. Health could be your niche. Don’t say, “we’ll there are so many people already doing it so it’s going to be so much harder.” Also true. That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. Don’t be afraid of hard work. I mean, if it’s something that speaks to your heart, it’s work you want to do.


You need to have a solid vision first. This is a good starting point. Do a brain dump. Jot down every idea that comes to mind. Pick what excites you most. From there…you start to build. I did this for myself this weekend. I, just like the rest of you get lost in my mind. Sometimes that pen and paper are what we need to ground ourselves. Yes, dream the big dreams. But we also need to be realistic and have a plan/set goals. I also finally pushed myself to create a bullet journal. I’ve never been great at staying on top of past ones. This time around I got creative and tailored it to my personal daily life. Like, I hate the calendar method. I need more freedom. It was fun 🙂 More on that later. Hope this post helped you out a little. Starting is really the hardest part. Once you get going momentum will kick in. You should start to feel some excitement. I hope 🤞

Any thoughts?

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