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Stockton Woman Organize The Distribution Of Food And Clothing To The Homeless

I love stories like these. All it takes is one person to make a difference in someone’s life.


You don’t need to be involved with any organizations to help. Most of my volunteering has been done alone. Well, I drag my son to almost everything 😎 It’s always been very important to me that he sees life outside of his own. He’s pretty sheltered…as he should be. BUT, I do expose him to the world as a whole. To not be naive. To care. It’s easy to judge someone when you don’t know the story. I’ve seen entire families in shelters. A mom and her teenage son. That could very well easily be me with one mishap.

Here’s a picture of my son and his friend. (these are older pictures from one of our crusades) We went to Walmart to purchase school supplies and delivered it to the Stockton Food Bank. The woman asked us as we were handing her our bags…” what organization are you guys with?” I told her we weren’t with any, it was just us. She smiled and said it was very nice of us for doing this. I spent no more than $100 and got a whole bunch of things. And the entire $100 wasn’t even all out of my own pocket. I literally sent texts to a few of my friends that I knew would help πŸ™‚ I even offer pickups for food donations. Like, you don’t even have to leave your house. Just take 10 minutes to clear out your pantry and I’m on my way. My point is, no matter how small the effort…it makes a difference. It’s all around just good vibes. Helping one another out. There’s just so much abundance available for everyone. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around why our children are starving around the world.

The holidays are coming up and it’s a reminder for me every year to stop and look at the world again. I forget sometimes and take things for granted. There’s no greater feeling than to love and have love surround you. And when I see that love being spread out amongst strangers, it brings a profound sense to my soul of how beautiful we the people really are.


Empath Test…? πŸ”₯πŸ“

This morning I was super emotional. Seeing all the footage at the airports just made me so sick to my stomach. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me. I know other people see things like this and think to themselves – that’s fucked up. Then they move on about their day. I on the hand get so consumed. Anger, sadness, fear…you name it, I feel it. And it stays with me. It keeps me up at night. Then I wake up in a horrible mood 😣 

For these very reasons I have to limit myself from the news and social media. I’d drive myself insane if I stayed so plugged in.

I wonder why it’s so easy for others to look the other way and why it’s so hard for me not to. Sometimes it frustrates me. I’m just so overwhelmed and tired a lot of the times. It would be nice to be a little bit more carefree. But no, I insist on carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I try though, to relieve some of the worrying. With tons of reading and researching I’ve learned how to somewhat control it. I’ve discovered what kind of person I am. Introverted and what that truly means. Not just antisocial. If that’s what you think you’re wrong 😏 I also have extroverted tendencies as well. I’ve studied myself 😌 It’s a bit comforting knowing that there isn’t anything wrong with me πŸ€“ And there are others out there like me. They understand me and I understand them πŸ‘½

I found this site that I thought was pretty cool. Basically another tool to help guide me. To understand myself even more as well as how to protect myself. More work. Self development never stops. I’m happy I enjoy it. I think the more you develop yourself the more you uncover your true reason for being. Like I know I’m more than just atoms utilizing space. Technically I am but I know at least with a purpose. And that’s exciting. To not just exist but to actually have a purpose.

For any spiritual beings out there, this might interest you. Especially if you’re a little weird like me πŸ˜‚


I’ll probably be spending the next week or so dissecting this site. Fun! And I mean that πŸ˜€

There’s chaos in the universe right now. At least more than usual because this world we live in is too painful for too many people a lot of the time. I’m gonna try my very best to stay grounded. We all should. Year of the fire roster…and I believe that fire is with our emotions. I think it can get real out of control right now. Slow and steady…let’s not get lost. We need to stay focus. The roster sometimes walks around in circles looking confused. I know what that feels like, lol. We need to stand up and take action but let’s make sure we take the right course of action. Mind and heart need to work together. Both are equally important right now.

Take care of yourself and your neighbors πŸ™ love and light your way.


Who can drop an album with no marketing what so ever and sell millions of copies in record time??? Ummm…Beyonce can. Β Run the World was freaken mind-blowing. Every penny I paid was worth it. Like, you really get a show. I can’t speak the same for her BFF though, lol. Nicki, you’re great. But I was less than satisfied. Maybe you just weren’t feelin Oakland??? Oh well. Still love you 😘

Now, Beyonce has done it again. ***got everyone talkin about me***

Beyonce has always been political. ALWAYS. She has always used her platform to express her stance on just about everything she cares about. I mean really listen to her music. And her videos??? Come on. She puts her creativity down like no other! It’s art so beautifully sketched out. The synchronicity of it all. It flows flawlessly.

FORMATION. O.M.G. Some love it, others hate it. Again, there is a message. You see the sinking cop car and you automatically accuse her of being disrespectful. What do you think she was trying to say with her body laid across the police car as it was sinking along with her? Did you forget that part?

We’re so conditioned to think inside the box. It’s a sad generation when half of America believes Donald Trump is fit to be Chief Commander of the United States Of America. You people got me alllllll F*ed up!!! After all we’ve been through as a nation, has history not taught us a damn thing? I know there is just so much to absorb when it comes to politics. But as a citizen it’s our duty to do diligence when it comes to choosing a side. And remember, there are tons and tons of false statements on the internet so don’t read and watch a few videos and make your determination on that alone. It’s not that simple. And it bugs the hell out of me that people like to run their mouth without making a real effort 😑

I can see why there are two different sides. Just like with Trump. What happened? America is a great country. Yet, people would rather put flags of other countries on their cars. It’s one thing to be proud of your culture, but where’s your American flag? Why are we not as proud to be an American? We can live anywhere but we choose here. Land of the free. Sometimes too free. We can’t have it all. πŸ˜’

Beyonce has a larger platform than most to share her beliefs. Bottom line, there is not a soul who doesn’t know who she is. So for her to create such a political, racially driven (lets not forget sexism) video took the world by storm. Literally, everyone was in awe. How could you not be?!

I guess hearing all the bashing towards her has me feeling a little defensive 😈 I’m a beyhive πŸ˜… But I can honestly say I’m someone who thinks things through. I will look at all sides. I will weigh all the pros ad cons before making a decision. I am not someone who will show you sympathy when you’ve done something wrong. I hold myself accountable for all my mistakes and I would do so for those I love. Even Beyonce, JLO or Hilary Clinton πŸ™‚

FORMATION was not intended to disrespect anyone but the guilty. THAT’S IT. Just the guilty. Injustice is wrong. Dictatorship is wrong. A lot of us need to take a step back and reflect on our history. We’ve fought so hard to get to where we are. Equality matters. All lives matter. We need not to go backwards. I know Trump won’t win but I am so disappointed that so many stand by him.

Sometimes we have to step outside of our shoes and see it from another’s perspective. Many things aren’t black and white. Having an open mind is crucial when trying to change the world.We have to be OK with being brave. Admitting when we’re wrong. Understanding why some people are the way they are. Compassion, empathy…we need more of that. The Formation tour isn’t just a black thing. It’s an oppression thing. I know people may be tired of hearing the same old story. But it’s still a story when nothing has changed. So please, try to understand where Beyonce is coming from. There are some things that may urk us…like the whole Becky jab that Iggy didn’t like very much. At the same time Iggy, you’ve said some racist things yourself. Bottom line, the intention isn’t to personally attack the innocent. There’s a bigger role being portrayed through art here. But if you’re someone who doesn’t understand and appreciate art, you’ll never get it. And Beyonce will always be just another black angry woman in your eyes. πŸ˜’