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Looking Back On This Exhausting 2018

I’ve been feeling extremely lazy lately. Judging myself and feeling guilty for not wanting to do anything but Netflix (a little HBO too…decided I am NOT a – The Game of Thrones fan. Forced myself all the way to the second season and still found too many scenes disturbing)

but yeah…that’s all I’ve been wanting to do.

I tired mediating and getting back into my rhythm. Nothing seemed to help. Finally, I was just like…whatever. I stopped trying to force myself to do anything I didn’t feel like doing.

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If You Keep Looking For Reasons…

If you keep looking for reasons to feel sorry for yourself, then trust me, you’ll find them.

For every problem, there’s a real solution.

For every failure breeds a new thought, a new idea.

For every book opened, brings more knowledge.

For every lost competition, beings more effort.

For every dark hour, brings courage.

For every heartbreak, comes a new love.

For every death, there is new life.

For every sunset, brings a new day.

For every breath, gives new memories.

For every new day allows you the opportunity to follow your dreams, your heart.

But that’s only if you’re willing…

If you’re willing to stop making excuses.

If you’re willing to stop being the victim.

If you’re willing to fight.

If you keep looking for reasons as to why you can’t…

let go…


move on…

be happy…

you will find them and forever be in the vortex of poor me and unhappiness.