You think you can’t, until you do

The struggle…

To stay motivated. To be consistent. To persevere.

What do you want? And why don’t you have it?

Always at a standstill? Or just slow progress?

Patience…really is a virtue.

Got big dreams? Then patience is a MUST. Without it, you’ll miss the point entirely.

We want things now, big things now…but dreams don’t happen over night. That’s why so many people only dream the dream, never becoming a reality.

If you’re not patient, you’re just struggling. And if everyday is a struggle, self-doubt becomes more apparent.

Self doubt leads to self sabotage. You begin to think is it really possible? Are you just a dreamer who’s unable to produce real results? Are you just fooling yourself? Then, you start to believe that maybe you’ll always just aspire greatness but never obtain it.

The truth is, you’re scared. It’s like, go, go, go…and then no results. No progress. And that’s your reason to quit.

It’s the perfect excuse. “I try and try and I’m not getting anywhere. What’s the point?” It’s easy to give up. You work tirelessly. On complete auto pilot and doing everything just to do it. Tricking yourself into thinking you’re making headway when you’re really just filling your time. So consumed with the end prize, so unaware of the progress you have made. At least I tried.  BUT, you really don’t think you can. You want more. You try. But then you stop. You get lost and discouraged way too often. And you keep letting it happen. You never adapt the patience that’s needed to fulfill your dreams. WHY? Because deep down you don’t believe you can. You want it really bad, but self-doubt and the lack of confidence you may not even know you have, is keeping you from following through. Why else would you get lost and distracted at every bump in the road?

It’s an illusion kind of. We want to feel good about ourselves so we do what we “think” is productive. We start  a variety of things and never close the deal. ALMOST. A wrench and again, we’re at a standstill.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Stop it. It’s an easy cycle to fall into. After a few failures it’s time to switch it up.

MENTORS, they’re out there. You just need to find them. Whether they be in books, on YouTube or your neighbor. Learn from and mirror those who are where you want to be.

Knowledge is at the tip of your fingers. A lot of the “Greats” are no longer with us. But you’ll find their teachings in any book store or library. I can’t afford Tony Robbin’s weekend getaway yet, but I can get a lot of free, valuable information on YouTube. The resources are there, utilize them.

I’m hesitant when it comes to fresh soil, somewhere I’ve never been. I like my comfort zone, but I know it’s going to get me no where. I have to suck it up and be brave. If I don’t, life is just comfortable and not amazing. And I WANT AMAZING. In every aspect of my life, that’s what I want. I have practiced the art of patience. How? Every time I fail, I find the lesson in the fault. I’m awake in this journey. I persevere no matter what is stacked in front of me. I find outlets, I use all resources available to me to push forward. No throwing in the towel. No accepting anything less that I can accomplish.

You need to show up for yourself. No one is going to do it for you. But they will take your place and leave you behind.

Do you think you can really do it? I guess that’s the most important question of all. It took me a while to figure out why I got lost so much. The truth hurts. I think I’ve accomplished a lot during my adult life so far. But still, for whatever reason I lacked the self-confidence to believe in the dream. I told myself I wanted it and I will do anything for it. But, I always stopped. Like…I always took a break. Strayed away from what I really wanted because I got comfortable or let other things get in the way. I’ve learned it was all just an excuse because deep down I didn’t really think I could do it.


So, can you really do it?

Patience…become it. That will take away the struggling mentality to a worthwhile mentality.

Get out of your comfort zone and try everything. Look for mentors and mirror their success.

Persevere, shit happens and your life’s calling is freaken bigger than any failure.

No more self-sabotaging…. you think you can’t, until you do.




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About me…let’s see….I would say I am a TRUE Virgo. If you knew me, then you would so agree. There are quite a few things I care deeply about. Off the top of my head, I would say with much passion, my family, friends, the environment and world peace. Oh and animals. Can't forget them. I think I love animals more than most humans, lol. I believe it’s important to surround yourself with good people. Be picky with who you let in your circle. The environment, the earth does not belong to us. We are merely just visiting for a period of time. So lets no abuse it. World peace, that’s a hard one. It’s not a perfect world, but wouldn't it be wonderful if every child, women and man were safe? We can’t change the world and every single soul living on earth. But one person can make a great difference in the surroundings in which they live. Wouldn't you agree? Let’s not forget what fuels my soul, music. It speaks for me when I can’t. It expresses my feelings when I am unaware of what they are. It has a way of lifting my spirits when I am down. It has this magical power that is able to touch my heart with just lyrics alone. I wouldn't know what I would do without it. Poetry, I love poetry. In all forms...written or spoken. I think that's it :) Wait, then there is God, the source of everything. Astrology, quantum physics, Abraham Hicks, Agape...I should just end this now, LOL.

Any thoughts?

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