Practice “Being” and not always “Doing”


I’m always doing. Planning, overthinking. What are the next steps? What is the next move? The only time my mind and body really idles is when I’m watching a movie.

“Doing” is innately who I am. I don’t need to be taught or told. I just do.

I even worry about being worried too much 🤦 More fixated on tomorrow than the moment.

I realize this, therefore, living in the moment is a behavior I have to work on. I literally have to “practice being.” For short periods I’m in the flow of just being. Then it turns back into my natural state of “doing.”

I really don’t mind it. I enjoy being organized and productive. The only thing I’d like not to do more of is worrying. It could also be a control issue thing 🤷 A little more take it easy and have faith would be nice.

At least I’m aware, right? I can take steps to correct it. I’m hoping if I practice it enough, the “being” state will be more natural. Less of constantly trying to be aware. It’s definitely going to be a challenge.

But, I also recently started journaling daily. WHY? To see if I’m wasting time and not working hard enough. See what I mean?

hmmmm….how can I keep a good balance? Maybe I should start a to-do list for fun, relaxing and re-grounding? I should!

This past year seemed…I dunno…very stagnant. A lot of disappointments. Some lessons, yes. Some growth for sure. BUT…very stagnant. This coming year needs some changing. And that begins with more of just BEING – learning to enjoy everyday moments and not just DOING – constantly worried about the future all the time.

We will see. 2018 has flown by. I believe your new year is on your birthday. Then again I feel like so is January 1st. I guess I have two new cycles in life to be stressed and excited about 😬

6 comments on “Practice “Being” and not always “Doing””

  1. Oh interesting. I kind of do that, too, the whole worrying, analyzing, and pondering life thing, but I always felt like I lacked the doing. I am steeped in thoughts but not in action, so for me, I always wanted to be doing something cause I don’t consider just thinking about the future as active. I consider it to be more passive. I usually worry and think and then journal it all out xD so it’s interesting to see this reversed perspective!

    1. I find that taking action is less exhausting than all the thinking. Like…how many times can I visualize a thing? A lot. That takes up so much brain space. When I create a list and just force myself to do it, I feel so much better. The next morning I open up my task list and I sigh in relief. Aaaahh less on my shoulders today. But then I will add more LOL

      1. So true! I realize the reason I stress is because I’m not doing anything. I realized these days that I have to do something to ease all that worrying and fretting. At least take some action. That’s why my wallpaper is this really calming picture with just the word “Do.” on it. Love it. HA yes the neverending task list! It’s never meant to be completed xD

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