She fears it. The undertones are unknown.

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She fears the ocean even though her soul connects with the depths of the sea.

The undertones are unknown.

The sun gives beauty to the rippling waters masking what lies beneath all that glory.

The thrashing of the current brings her strength while leaving goosebumps throughout her body.


She fears it… but needs it at the same time.

Still, the undertones are unknown.

An open body of water that beholds wonders of the world.

She fears what she does not know. She fears what she has never seen. She fears what she has never felt.

The ocean, electrifying yet so soothing.

It pulls her, it draws her in.

It’s meant for her and she knows it.

But yet, she will only go so far.

Remember, that the undertones are unknown.

She fears it.

To be lost, can be beautiful. To be lost, can be terrifying. To be lost… means you went into the unknown.

Therefore she sits afar but close enough.

She waits...

She inhales the scent of the salty waters. She feels pieces of the sea on her face brought by the winds after every wave that collides with land.

She listens to the ocean. She hears the ocean. She observes the ocean. She admires the ocean. She fears all that is possible when one with the ocean.

She waits…and she waits.

There is something about the ocean that gifts the gift of feeling alive every time she is near it.

She leaves and always returns.

She fears it.

The undertones are unknown.

But her soul needs it.

No matter where the winds take her, she will always return.


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