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It’s not about “The One” but about who’s good for you

You want that epic love, I feel you…because I’m guilty of it too. I believe fairytale romances like the movies do exist but it isn’t common. Most of us will never feel that kind of rush. That’s what it really boils down to… a rush. The excitement, the butterflies…and there’s usually a little drama in

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Why I Had To Let Go

why I had to let you go… your arms are the chains that wrap around my neck your body is the anchor that connects to the chains you pull me down, so far under beneath who I am i find it hard to breath you’re constantly pulling, weighing me down i love you all of

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I’m not much of an expert on the subject called “love.”

There is something I want to understand. I’m not much of an expert on the subject called “love.” People get together and fall in love. There is no real-time frame for it, right? How do you know when you’re really in love with someone? In my mind, if I was in love with you, it

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