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Human Trafficking Awareness Day

1/11/2019 Human Trafficking Awareness Day

This is a global issue and it happens right in our backyards. Let us make it a point to be a little more aware. If something seems off, feels off…don’t just look away. Call your local authorities for help. 

Educate your kids on the dangers of social media and strangers. Not just once, but over and over again.

Create a code word for emergency picks. 

Ladies…pay attention to your surroundings. Your Uber drivers are normal people…don’t trust them.

Lock your doors. Even if you’re in a drive-through. 

Don’t party with strangers. Don’t go home with strangers. 


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6,000 trafficking victims who were rescued by Ashton Kutcher’s group all had one thing in common — Positive Outlooks

Everyone is familiar of Ashton Kutcher, the dashing 40-year-old actor famous for starring in That 70’s Show, Punk’d, The Ranch and for modelling for Calvin Klein. A lot of people may know him for his killer smile and superb acting. But did you know that the popular actor is actively fighting to stop human sex trafficking and…

via 6,000 trafficking victims who were rescued by Ashton Kutcher’s group all had one thing in common — Positive Outlooks

If You Keep Looking For Reasons…

If you keep looking for reasons to feel sorry for yourself, then trust me, you’ll find them.

For every problem, there’s a real solution.

For every failure breeds a new thought, a new idea.

For every book opened, brings more knowledge.

For every lost competition, beings more effort.

For every dark hour, brings courage.

For every heartbreak, comes a new love.

For every death, there is new life.

For every sunset, brings a new day.

For every breath, gives new memories.

For every new day allows you the opportunity to follow your dreams, your heart.

But that’s only if you’re willing…

If you’re willing to stop making excuses.

If you’re willing to stop being the victim.

If you’re willing to fight.

If you keep looking for reasons as to why you can’t…

let go…


move on…

be happy…

you will find them and forever be in the vortex of poor me and unhappiness.