Time out…

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I need some freaken time out. There is just too much going on right now. In the world and within my own world. Work just sucks right now. No matter which way I look at it, it sucks. There is some good, I realize that. But some things still just suck.

Nepal…so many lost lives. The Baltimore issue, omg. My news feed is ridiculous!

Ok, no social media or news for a couple of weeks. I tend to get overly worked up about things and when I have my own crap going on I can’t handle other crap. I try, that’s why I have so many grays! Blah. This weekend I’ll have to get centered with the universe. Hiking, planting…everything that involves nature, music and art and no freaken electronics. This past Sunday I didn’t do my normal morning ritual and I really think it’s throwing my entire mental state off. I just feel off. Last night I finally went on YouTube and watched my weekly and monthly tarot reading. OMG. It’s not just all in my head…multiple readers said it’s going to be a rough month for me. It started on the 20th of April…confusing if you don’t know anything about astrology. But, yes…it’s been a rough start. My motivation completely just disappeared these past few days. I was like WTH?!

I need a time out. From everything that is on my mind. Just completely take a break and recharge, re-energize.

If all fails, I’ll drink, LOL. Juuuuussst kidding. Well…not really, LOL.  I’m sure getting in touch with the universe will help. I think that’s going to be a must these coming weeks.

Anyways, I hope you’re having a better week 🙂 Take care.

Taking time out...
Taking time out…

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