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Doing what makes you feel uncomfortable…

I did it! Finally. Now…it’s a matter of sticking to it. That’s another problem I have. Sticking with something all the way through. I tend to have too many little projects going on. Just yesterday I was thinking I should get back into my Ebay art 😁 I had to tell myself, NO. WAIT. I’m

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Rebirth… Who knew I’d experience this so much in my life. What is rebirth? I guess in theory it’s growth. We’re always ascending. Well… I guess I can’t speak for everyone but for most. The level of growth as well as pain is different for everyone. I have countless diaries, journals, poetry that has aspired

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Feed into the energy and let the universe guide you…

I have this surge of energy this morning. I swear sometimes I discover something and I completely just become obsessed. Lately it’s been Astrology. I’ve always been interested in the science of it but it seems I’ve adapted the love for it. Not enough to know what every planet means or all the rising signs…at

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