Feed into the energy and let the universe guide you…

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I have this surge of energy this morning. I swear sometimes I discover something and I completely just become obsessed. Lately it’s been Astrology. I’ve always been interested in the science of it but it seems I’ve adapted the love for it. Not enough to know what every planet means or all the rising signs…at least not yet anyways. It’s really hard for me to dive into anything 100% because of how much I love learning about everything. I truly am all over the place. A lot of people don’t know that. Most see me as very together and organized. Only the special people know the truth haha. Sometimes I laugh at myself. Super OCD then super disaster. If you could only see my room right now!

Anywho…toady’s energy. Communication and creativity. It’s a good time to really listen to your instincts. I mean really listen to your gut. Make some moves. I’ve had a major block recently. It’s been extremely frustrating. But today, I feel a little free. I’m gonna go with the flow and see where my heart and the universe leads me.

This morning, it’s an old school kinda morning. Missy Eliot and Timberland all in my ear 🙂

Have a great and productive week. I had quite the weekend, time to cleanse, lol. And remember, today and the next couple of days is a time to really follow your passion. Your intuition is heighten at this time.

Feed into the energy and let the universe guide you.
Feed into the energy and let the universe guide you.


Any thoughts?

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