The Silver Lining

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The Silver lining: A comforting or hopeful aspect of an otherwise desperate or unhappy situation.

You must read in between the lines to understand a difficult person, a broken person.

She may be as hard as steel on the outside but as soft as melted chocolate on the inside.

Don’t be fooled by the expression of her blank face…pain runs deep within but she’s not brave enough to show it.

Tears make her feel naked.

Vulnerability  is a sure way to a broken heart.

Showing weakness means the possibility of being deceived.

She’s damaged and isn’t even aware how much.

Can’t get through? The wall seems only a dream can conquer?

You want to give up because you’re tired. You feel weak, unable to speak. You’re all out of words, there is no more convincing left…oh how much you love this woman. Anything you’ll do for her…protect, adore, remain faithful…she is the only one.

But still, there seems to be no light in her tunnel.

Thoughts of her use to be beautiful, colorful. Her eyes were once warm, her smile use to light up your life. Now, it’s cold, it’s dark. Clouds hover over you, sometimes you’re lucky and the light peaks through a little. When you hear her laugh, when she looks at you like she once did, when it was new and wonderful…before fear arose, before it all became so intense, you remember why you fell in love. You remember who she really is. A beautiful girl who was given a life she didn’t ask for. A damaged girl.

There is a silver lining, there always is. It just depends, are you that hope, that rock she needs to finally feel safe? With that leaves the unknown, you don’t really know. What are you to do? Walk away because you’ve tried and tried? Or stay and remain hopeful, sacrificing your own happiness in hopes things will change…she will change? 

Now that’s a dilemma… 😦

Any thoughts?

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