Prop 8, DOMA…sorry :( .. …

Am I really sorry? NO. Prop 8 is a law that is purely fueled by discrimination. DOMA, your organization is just plain ignorant.

It’s wrong, just plain wrong. I get a lot of people are scared of the unfamiliar, but that is our entire history. We’ve made so many mistakes, hurt so many people. Through time we grow, learn and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of life.

Eventually we figured out Hitler was insane. The color of your skin no longer means you ride on the back of the bus. Bi-racial kids are common, not illegal. Get my point?

People who are against gay marriage, who believe it’s a sin, who think LGBT individuals should die are obviously confused. Brainwashed by fear, by a book, by a punk who preaches the words of hate. I feel sorry for these people. They have hate in their heart. They will never know what compassion and humanity really is. Living with all that ugliness, it’s such a sad way to live.

While they continue to try and fight for an evil cause, today I and so many others celebrate. Victory, yes! Human rights for all. Love conquers hate and today my friends, we celebrate!

Equality for all!
Equality for all!


Any thoughts?

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