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To embrace a new but always was…

Yesterday I took part in the “Women’s March on Sacramento.” I had planned to go weeks in advance. But that morning when I woke, I was like…I could use a few more hours of sleep. I lifted my arms out of the layers of warmth and thought to myself, fuck it’s cold. Is that wind

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Who can drop an album with no marketing what so ever and sell millions of copies in record time??? Ummm…Beyonce can.  Run the World was freaken mind-blowing. Every penny I paid was worth it. Like, you really get a show. I can’t speak the same for her BFF though, lol. Nicki, you’re great. But I

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Prop 8, DOMA…sorry :( .. …

Am I really sorry? NO. Prop 8 is a law that is purely fueled by discrimination. DOMA, your organization is just plain ignorant. It’s wrong, just plain wrong. I get a lot of people are scared of the unfamiliar, but that is our entire history. We’ve made so many mistakes, hurt so many people. Through time we grow, learn and

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