There’s a lot of advice on how to heal. The truth is, there is one thing that matters most.

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That is…YOU WANT TO HEAL. There is no question as to how much you’re going to struggle. I promise you, you will fall down many times. You will fall back into old patterns. You will fall in and out of emotional instability. And all that is okay. If you truly desire to heal, you’ll always pick yourself back up. You’re always going to try.

I don’t think God asks for perfection. I think God is always on our side, wanting the very best for us. I know this may sound strange to some…but we all agreed to come to earth. There really is a mission for us. Think of it as a movie and you are the star. Isn’t that the truth anyway? My life is mine. Ultimately I can do whatever I want. Good or bad, right or wrong, life or death. I choose and so do you.

Life is a combination of the choices we make.

As you’re stumbling through life trying to do better, take heed…God loves you unconditionally. You have a purpose and your life has meaning. So continue to do the work. I know you want those wounds to close. For them to heal and fade.

You’ll get there… how do I know? Because you WANT to get there. YOU, want to heal. And that’s what matters most.

Any thoughts?

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