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There’s a lot of advice on how to heal. The truth is, there is one thing that matters most.

That is…YOU WANT TO HEAL. There is no question as to how much you’re going to struggle. I promise you, you will fall down many times. You will fall back into old patterns. You will fall in and out of emotional instability. And all that is okay. If you truly desire to heal, you’ll always

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I Still Think Of You

it’s been years…and I still think of you it’s been years…and I still dream about you this frustrating pull I have towards you…I can’t figure it out you should be a distant memory there is something about you… like leaves changing colors during autumn life begins to drain the green into shades that make up

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Letting go…

Letting go…easier said than done. Letting go of someone you love is painful, you just don’t want to. Letting go of anger is like physically putting your hand in flames…you rather not. Letting go of pain can free us…but that’s like winning a swimming marathon and not even knowing how to swim. Normally the phrase

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