5 Things To Remember When You Feel Like You’re Getting Nowhere In Life

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Goals, goals, goals. Success, success, success.

I get it. You’re working hard. Jotting down your to-do list weekly. Checking them off daily. You’re on autopilot like a worker bee but still can’t seem to have a breakthrough.

Do you have all the tools you need to continue doing your work?

1*When you lay down at night, do you say “aaaahhhh” as you snuggle into your blanket and plop your head down on that “hotel pillow?”

2*You drank too much water right before bed and now you’re awake in the middle of the night. Do you have a private area with a toilet that flushes?

3*Does your coffee maker brew your coffee at the exact time you want it to in the morning?

4*What do you do when you don’t feel like cooking tonight? Door Dash it is.

5*Lights are on. Internet speed is running smoothly and there are 5 different types of pens to choose from right in front of you.

Prospective friends. There are people reading this that probably don’t have 2 out of the 5 things I mentioned.

Great things take time. Cliche 😒

Don’t opt for shortcuts when it comes to your craft. It’ll end up like warm beer on a hot day 🤢

Art takes time. Writing a book takes even longer. Want to be a top executive at your company? Show them what you’re worth. Want to be your own boss? Patience, effort, and persistence are all you need. Oh, and prospective. Look at all you have. From the very basic necessities to actually having the opportunity to conquer your dreams in the first place.

So you are getting somewhere. Every day you do a little something that helps move the needle is a win. Want to move it further and faster, work a little harder each day. And if this is your dream, a goal you’ve created for yourself, then this shouldn’t feel like hard work at all. It should feel like inspiring work. It should feel good. Every time I post a blog, I feel good about it. So why would I ever stop? If what you’re pursuing doesn’t feel good, then maybe it’s not what you really want.

The next time you feel like you’re getting nowhere, read this post again 😁 I know they may seem meaningless when you’re feeling down. Sometimes we just need to stop and reset our brain. See things how they really are. Not worse than they are. You have everything you need to keep moving forward.

Slow and steady wins the GREAT race 🐢 as I sit comfortably on my bed, having my morning brew writing this blog post on my Google Pixel 😁

Any thoughts?

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