The Desire For Love


I wonder why we were created to want love so much. Do you know why?

My thoughts… 

We come through the birth canal alone. We die alone. At least I think. I have zero recollection of death from a past life so … 🤷

God, the divine, the source of EVERYTHING is pure LOVE and LIGHT. Do you agree? Even if you’re an atheist, you must know you didn’t create yourself right? Nor this reality we live in…right?

I didn’t have an awakening like some of the You-tubers I follow. A spirit didn’t come to visit me. There is no channeling coming through me. It’s just me. My own opinions based on life experiences as well as information via others…videos, books, blogs, etc.

I suppose since God is love, God knows how powerful it is. I refrain from saying “he” because God is not a man nor a woman. Again, that’s just my opinion. Since we’re an extension of God, it’s only natural for us to be love and light as well.

Homo sapiens, first modern humans formed into existence roughly between 200-300,000 years ago. Do you ever think about how much we’ve evolved since then? There is so much imprinted in us from our ancestors. It uses to be just about survival. The human started dreaming…of what life could be. Then came separation, power, control, war, money, greed. We’ve cultivated the shadow side of humanity and we have been lost in it for so long. Think about all the generations before us. How we live today is deeply rooted in external influences. Our ways of living, thinking…hell…plain existing. What the fuck is a “real job” anyway? So what if she doesn’t ever want to get married or have kids? So what if he likes to wear pink and pluck his eyebrows? Why do we continue to let outside forces dictate how we live? (this doesn’t mean I think we should all act a fool and be rude and have no manners)

Every generation comes with its own wave of activists. I guess those are the ones awaken enough to see the truth while others are trenched in the illusion. Maybe things are supposed to be this way. We’re all playing some sort of role on earth. Is free will really free? Or has our destiny already been written on the walls?


So why do we desire love so much? Love and connection are the ultimate “high.”  Look at happy people, the ones that have pure harmony in their lives…they embody love and light. These people have connected with their soul tribe, soul mates, twin flame, purpose in life…all the good stuff. Who wants to live in a big house alone? Travel alone? Sit in front of a bond fire alone? Although I’m an introvert and enjoy my space, I still value true love and connection with humans. Along with animals and Mother Earth 😊

I believe it’s love for oneself that we need to learn first in order to “have it all.” We really don’t know true love until we love ourselves unconditionally. The best kind of love comes in when we’re in that space. So…remember to love yourself. Be good to yourself. Forgive yourself. Never get too busy or lost in anything or anyone that you neglect your well-being. Well…only if you want pure love, peace, and harmony in your life that is 😘


Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Image by Joseph Redfield Nino from Pixabay

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