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Homeless woman living in car with dogs now has a home after 2 women asked neighbors to help — Positive Outlooks Blog

This story warms my heart so much!!!   For two years, this homeless woman had been living in her SUV together with her two dogs – until kind strangers stepped in to change her situation. It all began when best friends Jennifer Husband-Elsier and Melissa Akacha approached 70-year-old Lynn Schutzman’s car in a Target parking

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The Desire For Love

I wonder why we were created to want love so much. Do you know why? My thoughts…  We come through the birth canal alone. We die alone. At least I think. I have zero recollection of death from a past life so … 🤷 God, the divine, the source of EVERYTHING is pure LOVE and

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This Is Not An Ordinary Mercury In Retrograde

Do you feel a little lost? Stuck? Confused? I know we feel these things every so often. It’s simply us just going through a growth period. But this time around, it’s different. If you’re sensitive to planetary shifts at all, you must know what I mean. I’m a Virgo rising and Virgo sun. Mercury retrograde

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