Strangers By Your Side

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How does it feel after a night with a stranger by your side?

Did you love the smell of her hair?

Did the texture of her skin soothe your mind?

How did you feel holding her body in your arms?

Were you happy?

Did she fill the empty space in your heart?

Oh, no?

So on you go.

Another night, another strange body lying next to you.

You go through the same motions.

Strangers by your side, night after night.

Running your hands through her hair.

Caressing your palms over the curves of her body.

Kissing with no real magic.

Only one intention…

to feel.

That you are alive.

And once you get there…what is left?

Does it leave you feeling lonely?

Is it just another temporary distraction for a void you desperately wish to fill?

Friday is here…and it starts all over again.

Could I be wrong? Can there be true enjoyment in spending hours with bodies that mean nothing to you?

Can short, molecule connections be enough to nourish your soul?


Maybe it’s not depth you seek.

Nor someone to grow old with.

Maybe moments of oneness is enough.

I really do wonder how you do it…so well.

I wonder…are you okay?

Like really, are you okay?

I worry about you.

I worry about the darkness that resides within you.

I worry your fears will win.

To never know what true, everlasting oneness would be like…

is sad.

As you filter through the variety of possibilities, maybe you might find it.

If…that’s what you truly seek.

Maybe then you’ll realize how special you are…

and that not everyone you lay beside deserves to have you.


Photo credit @Pexels

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