Are you a perfectionist? Do you question yourself over and over? If you’re working on a big project, after putting in 110% you still feel like it’s not enough?

I’m like that in a lot of ways. Trying so hard, wanting everything to be perfect. Afraid of getting criticized and making mistakes.

For example, I use to re-read my articles over and over. I wouldn’t post anything until I got it proofread. I wanted to make  sure it was understood and OK to post. I drove myself crazy, and when no one was around to reassure me, everything came to a stop. That made me feel anxious as ever.

Ridiculous huh? I mean, if I was trying to win an award, or even submitting an article to the New York Times, OK. I have a right to be such a perfectionist. After awhile, I told myself…nothing can be perfect. I will make mistakes. I sometimes may sound stupid and make no sense at all. But so what? I’m still doing it, I’m still trying.

I’ve found the courage to put myself out there. Flaws and all. 110% raw. Why? Because this is me, the imperfect, the over analyzer, but optimistic, and sometimes a spas :O) I’m not here to be better than anyone, to prove anyone wrong. I’m here to express my imperfect self. I’m here hoping to help someone. I’m here hoping someone is going to help me. We all can learn from each other. Open each others eyes, shed some light on things that are important to us.

Whatever you’re working on, do your best. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Put it out there. Make mistakes. You will get better every time. Trust me. People who wait for the perfect time, the perfect results, they lose. The ones who take action, the ones who try their best may not succeed the first time, but they get better.

If our child is too afraid of missing the net that they don’t take the shot enough, he/she will lose. The child that takes the shot who misses 5 out of the 10, he/she has won. Five is more than zero right?

Go for it…

2 comments on “110%”

  1. “Five is more than zero”… Hey, I like that… I’d say I was a perfectionist too and I sometimes drive myself crazy when I’m writing my blog, tinkering with the same few words over and over again… Sigh…

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