Consequences of being brave…

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OK… I made a choice. Some would say it was a bad one… asking me if I regret it. But, even on the days I feel like I’m drowning… with all honesty, I don’t. Its tough. Some days I just wanna give up. Then I remember why I chose what I chose in the first place. I needed a change…I knew there was more for me. I wasn’t meant to stay. Right now, as I’m riding the waves barely able to breath some days… it’s where I’m meant to be. The winds will continue to blow and my course will change. At times I wonder how much more I can take…it’s a weak moment but a normal moment. I will not be defeated. I refuse to give up. I know with all my heart this is where I’m meant to be. At least right now. The struggle is real, yes…and so is the strength within me. I’ve put a lot of my personal work aside due to this new… “adventure” slash “challenge.” 
😂 I’m back at a place where I need to refocus and feed off of what fuels me. And that’s all the things that motivate me and positive energy. So here I am after a month or so… doing what I should be doing. Writing… Soon, the flow will come back. The balance I’ve lost will align again. Anyways, that’s it for now… cause today was a long day lol Be back soon! Hope you’re doing fantastic and life is progressing forward for you as well 🙂 Consequences of being brave… it’s tough, but will be worth it. 

Any thoughts?

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