Second day in, DOMA is in the house today. Do you think their reasons for not allowing same-sex couples from getting married will stand? Or do you think the supreme court will not make a decision all together? This is a very difficult case. State and federal courts are only allowed to handle certain type of cases. What I don’t understand is if “Marriage” isn’t in the constitution, then why even hear the case? I suppose a social move? Whatever the case, I believe this will in fact shed light on how discriminating Prop 8 really is. We live in a country of democracy, yes I understand, and I love that fact.

In 2008 the people of California decided Lesbian/Gay individuals didn’t deserve the same rights as straight couples do. Lets go back in time. Do you all remember the civil rights movement? Do you remember when the color of your skin made you less of a human being? Remember when being a women meant you were only good for having babies, cooking  cleaning the house?


We’re in the middle of another movement right now. TODAY. DOMA will sit in court justifying their reasons are valid. That GOD says it’s wrong. The Bible <<< Is a book written by another “man” hundreds of years ago. A book that changes when the “man” sees fit. Why people follow a book and thinks it’s OK to hate and kill over it? I don’t know. It all really doesn’t make sense. To see a person less than you just because you don’t understand is beyond me.

Kids would rather die than be who they are. They would change if they could, but they can’t.  How sad is that. How sad is living a life of lies because people will not like you if you are different. Why is our world filled with those who want to control the way we think, how we live and who we love?  How does hate and violence grow inside a person so intensely?  “My book says you’re sinning, you deserve to be treated less.” In the eyes of the law and society. You should get harassed, beaten, killed….and it’s OK. Kill yourself, the world is a better place. Does this sound normal to you?! Have you really read the bible? You go to church everyday Sunday don’t you? If you agree with Prop 8 I hope so.

Gay California Teen Jeffrey Fehr Kills Himself After Years of ‘Pure Hell’ Bullying

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Bullied Gay Teen who Hanged Himself Dies

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These are just two cases out of hundreds.

I see the changes though. Thank you to those who have decided to fight the fight. To those who stand on the right side. For freedom, equality and love.

This is a big day…Boy Scouts you’ve failed. 

Pop music sensation Carly Rae Jepsen announced today that she will withdraw as headliner of the Boy Scouts’ annual national jamboree, saying the group conflicts with her support of “equality for all people.”

Says NO to Boy Scouts. HA <<< DOMA
Says NO to Boy Scouts. HA <<< DOMA

I quote Carly Rae Jepsen because she is what’s popular in the music world right now. She took the chance to lose thousands of fans in order to do what’s right. Someone of her stature has influence. Just like Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Jay-Z. Let’s not forget our beloved talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. She has made such an impact how so many view Lesbian/Gay individuals. The polls favor same-sex marriages more now because of her.

We love you Ellen!

DOMA you've lost.
DOMA you’ve lost.

This is not a question of God, it’s a question of people using God as an excuse to hate. I do not subscribe to any religion. I believe in free will and free thinkers. We all need to believe in something. I choose to believe in compassion, right from wrong and doing great for the world.

We are one, with each other, all living creatures and the earth. We are suppose to care, nurture and respect all living things. So when I see signs that say “faggots are doomed to hell,” I question your God, because that particular one is wrong.

This one is all for you!
This one is all for you!

First artist to ever support Lesbian and Gay individuals in their music.


It’s hard to change the minds of the hateful. But some will realize that they have been wrong. Good people do not wish harm on other good people.

Don’t say God made you this way, just be real and stand up for your beliefs. You hold hate in your heart. That’s it. Be brave, just like those who are brave enough to love who they love no matter what others say.

DOMA stands for discrimination and hate. That’s all. I may lose readers and may gain some. No disrespect  I am just speaking my mind in hopes to spread love and acceptance.  Remember Love Conquers Hate. FOREVER.

One day maybe people will identify you as human, not by skin, race or sexual orientation. Lets hope.

These faces are real…too young to be gone.


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About me…let’s see….I would say I am a TRUE Virgo. If you knew me, then you would so agree. There are quite a few things I care deeply about. Off the top of my head, I would say with much passion, my family, friends, the environment and world peace. Oh and animals. Can't forget them. I think I love animals more than most humans, lol. I believe it’s important to surround yourself with good people. Be picky with who you let in your circle. The environment, the earth does not belong to us. We are merely just visiting for a period of time. So lets no abuse it. World peace, that’s a hard one. It’s not a perfect world, but wouldn't it be wonderful if every child, women and man were safe? We can’t change the world and every single soul living on earth. But one person can make a great difference in the surroundings in which they live. Wouldn't you agree? Let’s not forget what fuels my soul, music. It speaks for me when I can’t. It expresses my feelings when I am unaware of what they are. It has a way of lifting my spirits when I am down. It has this magical power that is able to touch my heart with just lyrics alone. I wouldn't know what I would do without it. Poetry, I love poetry. In all forms...written or spoken. I think that's it :) Wait, then there is God, the source of everything. Astrology, quantum physics, Abraham Hicks, Agape...I should just end this now, LOL.

Any thoughts?

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