Having An “Off” Day?

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Some days just aren’t easy days. All the effort in the world to be positive doesn’t seem to ease the overthinking or anger you feel inside.

This sudden chaotic rollercoaster of emotions could be hormonal. An “off” day. Maybe. Dare I say it could possibly be suppressed thorns? Imagine a stubborn splinter that won’t release itself from underneath your skin. You’re tweezing the f* out of it but that little remaining speck won’t budge. So you leave it. You’ve picked apart your skin and now it’s throbbing. You think to yourself, it doesn’t hurt. It will probably go away on its own time. Like, melt or something 🙄

3 months later. It’s still tender. A little pinker. Most days it doesn’t bother you. Hardly even notice it. Only certain things you do like grab onto weights or a shampoo bottle in a certain way, hitting it that reminds you it never went away.

So you see, these feelings that tend to bubble up every now and then are worth a deeper look.

Why do these feelings keep coming back?

What do YOU really want?

What steps can YOU take towards getting what YOU want?

Focus on those 3 questions. I mean REALLY dissect the f* out of it.

We tend to project things onto others when it’s really an underlying issue we have with ourselves. Or, it could simply be the other person who really gets under your skin. You’ll have to be your own detective. I suggest writing it all out. It’s a good release. Some sort of realization will come to you.

Try to have an open heart. The heart speaks the truth. Your mind may be telling you not to care anymore because he clearly doesn’t care about you. So you tell yourself you’re over him. You’re good and go about your life. Then comes the moment of truth again. One morning you wake up and feel sad. You allowed your mind to tell your heart what to do. Basically saying to the heart, “suck it up and move on. Don’t be so weak.”

It didn’t work though 😕

You’re better off going through the motions. Demanding will only get you so far. Work with those feelings so you can better handle them next time. Resolve what can be fixed. Face the cold hard truth. Be realistic but gentle. These feelings will likely pop back up but hopefully less frequent. Be forgiving with yourself when they do resurface. All it means is you’re still working through it. If you continue to face the uneasiness when it arises, you’ll be closer to what is good for you. Emphasis on “what is good for you.” Not want “you want.” Not everything we want is good for us. Remember that.

Go sit with your feeling and thoughts now. Bye!

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Any thoughts?

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