Sometimes I need to just stop all the noise

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Do you ever feel like that? I scroll through my feeds, watch Youtube videos and sometimes I get to a point and just think to myself, enough already. So many opinions, so much advice. Do this. Don’t do that. Hey, I’m that person who loves to give advice too 😁 I bet people sometimes say “just shut the f* up already.” HAHA No offense taken here. I tell myself to zip it from time to time as well.

It gets tiring, doesn’t it? Listening to people all the freaken time. Questioning whether you’re doing too much or not enough.

I feel like I need a break. But if I take a break I could delay my progress. See the dilemma?

As I’m writing this…my mind asked, “what exactly do you need a break from?” I need to be specific. Thinking🤔

Is it social media? Is it work? Could it be the people around me? Maybe my environment?

There’s a lot going on in my mind. Do you ever feel like it’s just too damn loud? Sometimes outside influences can be overwhelming. Even astrology is too much for me right now. And I love astrology. But, there is ALWAYS something going on. Portals, energy shifts, shocking planetary alignments. Currently, Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The last time this happened was 500 years ago. Every astrology nerd is talking about it. Like…your entire life is about to change! Hold on cause 2020 is going to be a chaotic year! Guess what? I’m seriously freaken tired. Funny thing is…I watch Sunday morning astrology videos for the week ahead religiously. A few astrologers said it’s going to be an intense Monday – Tuesday emotionally. I feel it. This post is definitely heavy. So maybe that’s why I feel like a random rant today. It’s just in the air 🌌

I wonder who else is feeling like me😒

You know what it’s time for? A cleanse. Emotionally, mentally and physically. Road trip it is 👍 If you’re feeling anything like me, I think it’s hermit mode time. But somewhere beautiful. In a space that is peaceful and allows you to be still.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Any thoughts?

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