You Deserve More

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Life has pulled you in so many different directions. It’s knocked you around leaving scars. But you made it. You’ve realized, you are not the victim of your circumstances.

Life was happening for you, not to you.

I won’t try and justify any wrongdoings or why, but, I will say if you found the courage to keep moving forward, you’ve leveled up. You’re stronger, wiser.

You will help someone else who may be where you were. I think that is the purpose. To learn and grow, to pay it forward.

And as you ascend through these life experiences… self-love, self-worth continues to magnify within. You feel a true connection to who you really are. And with that knowledge, you will no longer settle for anything less. You deserve more than what was. You deserve more in all aspects of your life.

Something magical happens when you just know…you just know you deserve more.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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