Why Do We Always Talk About How Flawed We Are?

I’ve noticed recently that everyone talks about how flawed they are. Articles are titled “MY FLAWS.” Poetry is filled with… I’m flawed and it’s ok.

“Perfectly Imperfect”

We embrace it. Like battle scars.

I was thinking, why do we do that? Of course, we’re not perfect. Where did the notion that humans were ever perfect come about?

We beat the drums over and over about our flaws. Why don’t we do the same with our great qualities? Our gifts? Instead, we try so hard to prove ourselves worthy so others can praise/accept us. I don’t know about you but I’m so sick of doing that. Like…why do we care so much about what others think? We don’t limit it to just family and friends but include strangers.

Why are we wired like this?

Really think about that question. The WHY is different for everyone. These reasons have been ingrained in us over time and they run so deep.

How about we decide…NO MORE. That we are DONE living in a manner that keeps us bottled up.

No longer do we hold on to what was. The path we’ve traveled has taught us many things. Thank you. The NOW seeks anew. You have permission to break free and stand firmly as who you really are…although you do not need anyone’s permission to do so.

Take back your rights to your own life.

Your flaws are really no flaws at all. They are a tiny portion of what makes you – you. If there is something you don’t particularly like about yourself, you can choose to change it. It really is that simple. BUT, calling it a flaw…is accepting what someone else sees in you. What matters is…how you feel about yourself. Do you conduct yourself in a way that you’re proud of? That is for you to decide and only you. Your life, your karma.

This is where I’m at. No longer beating the drums of my “flaws.” No more being so worried about how others perceive me. It’s quite liberating.

Remember, not everyone is going to like you, but not everyone is meant to. We’re all a part of the collective. Contrast is meant to help each and every one of us in its own way.

So stop talking about how flawed you, instead, embrace YOU in its entirety. When you love yourself that much, you’re doing all of us a favor. The light in you shines and we could all use a little more light in our lives.

Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Any thoughts?

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