It’s Growing In Popularity

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I couldn’t be more excited about this burger. I’ve tried a couple of vegan burgers in the past. While they were pretty tasty, it wasn’t the same 😑

A little history about my love of beef days…

The first meal I had when I was pregnant was a quarter pounder from McDonald’s. I loved the Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl’s and a favorite spot that my son and I loved was In-N-Out Burger. We’d go to the drive-through requesting extra animal sauce and sit in the parking lot with the sunroof open and devoured our burgers. Good old days when your child actually liked spending time with you 😊👩‍👦

So…I know what a real burger should taste like and WOW…Beyond Meat has done it. It really does taste like a beef patty. I am super excited that mock meats are becoming much more popular. I mean…look at all the added benefits. AND no animals were abused and violently killed in the process. That was my reason for going meatless.

I’m not saying everyone should stop eating meat. I’m not judging. I <<< myself, still struggle with chicken 😣  It wouldn’t hurt to just try it, right? If you actually enjoy it, maybe you’ll be a little more open to eating less meat. Good for your health, the environment, and the animals. Win-win!

Try it at Carl’s Jr. They’ve got the broil down just right. My go-to place now when I’m craving a good burger 😋😋😋

Any thoughts?

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