I’m not much of an expert on the subject called “love.”

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There is something I want to understand. I’m not much of an expert on the subject called “love.”

People get together and fall in love. There is no real-time frame for it, right? How do you know when you’re really in love with someone? In my mind, if I was in love with you, it would translate to spending my entire life on earth with you. This would be the person I would want to marry.

“I love you” seems to be used so loosely. Although it is easy to love someone. I loved a couple of different people. I’ll be honest, I’ve probably said it to a few that I didn’t really even love. Or at least I didn’t know what the hell love was myself.

Even the term “wifey” and “husband” (is there another name for husbands? lol) is used so loosely. #AdultProblems My communication skills don’t go over very well with the younger kids nowadays 😆

People who fall in and out of love often…how?

Lets say you’re together for a total of 3 years. First year is the honeymoon stage correct? How would you know if it’s really true love? It’s a temporary moment in time where the conversation is flowing and sex is good. You’re having a good time getting to know each other while roaming the streets and crossing over oceans. You’re so in love while in this “honeymoon” stage. But year two comes and the fireworks start to die. What happened? You were in love with this person. You made them your entire life. How does that fade in year two? Is it really that easy or were you never really in love? I really would like to know. Going into year three. No need to drag this out anymore. I’ll always care for you. Have a nice life ✌️


I can understand just loving someone. There’s plenty of reasons to love a person. We each hold many unique qualities. We’re all lovable to someone 😉 I can justify why I said I love you to my ex’s. We won’t count my younger days. We’re all naive, young, dumb and broke at some point in our life 🙉

It’s the in love part that I lack the experience and it makes me wonder. How do people fall in love so easily? I’ve never experienced the desire to marry anyone. I’ve never called anyone “wifey” besides Jennifer Lopez 🤣🤣 That woman I would marry in a heartbeat!!!

Maybe it’s a little sad that I’ve never experienced that A Walk To Remember kind of love? My favorite movie in the entire galaxy btw 🤗 Even so, I don’t lose hope. I know true love will happen when we’re BOTH ready for it.

So, do you think people really know the difference between loving someone vs being in love with someone? Or are they one in the same?

If anyone has any insight, please share. We, humans, are so complex. Just read my The Soul, The Brain, The heart. post. I still have a lot to learn in this area.

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