A need to love, to want…

It’s a need…to think of you constantly.

It’s a need… to picture you in my mind.

It’s a need … to long for you.

Because the thought of you makes me feel less lonely.

Love…never seems to get less complicated.

Love…is easy yet so hard.

Love…is so beautiful as well ugly.

With all it’s complexities…I’ll still take it, with you.

If only I could…have you close enough to smell the scent of your hair.

If only I could…bring my lips toward yours.

If only I could…spread my legs only to wrap them around you.

I want you…to lay next to me.

I want you…to reach for me.

I want you…to smile at me.

I want you…to want me.

There is a need to love, to want…



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