Who Else Is Better At Being You Than you?

Wish you were someone else? Maybe someone who’s prettier than you? Tall and handsome maybe? How about wealthy and powerful?

These are all natural thoughts that many of us go through. In some sense of the way its healthy. It helps us want more. I mean, I see the girl with the flawless skin and say, “I wish I had her skin. Or,  “I wish my stomach was that toned.”

Do I want to be that girl? NO. Does seeing her make me want to do a few more crunches or a few more facials? YES.

Have we been brainwashed? What’s beautiful in the eyes of the majority? Have the magazines lied to our children? Do you feel like you’re not pretty enough? Now this, this isn’t healthy. Letting society belittle us is pretty absurd.

It’s one thing to want more, but it’s another thing to conform to what others want. If you’re doubting yourself based on the ideology of what others want, its wrong. It’s not a path you want to be on. No matter what you do, nothing will ever be enough.

Beauty runs deep. Yes a cliché but it’s the truth. Loving yourself and valuing who you are is power.  If you hold these beliefs, nothing in the world can make you ugly or not good enough. Your emotions, the feelings you feel about yourself exudes to your outer being. Even your personality becomes beautiful.

A smile says a million words. Don’t think people can’t see what’s hiding behind it. It’s an unspoken language. Just like your eyes. It tells an unspoken story.

Paint your own picture. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and YOU are the holder. Be who you are. If you don’t like it, love yourself enough to change. He may not think you’re worth it, she may not think you’re worth it…but the truth is, it doesn’t matter. Life is too short to live it how others want you too. Be too busy living to worry about the fakes, the sad excuses.

If you’re happy with yourself, live it, embrace it. Let the world see that smile. You are one of a kind and you know it.

Be an inspiration. Teach those not there yet to love themselves.

I conform my life, my personality, my beliefs, my looks, my “stuff” to what I want. I am my own critic, my own applaud, not anyone else.

I have zero desire to be anyone else. I like myself and I’m sorry if others don’t. Actually, I retract that, I’m not sorry. I bring a quality to the word that only some will appreciate. Unique in my own way, just like you.

Now why would you want to be anyone else? We need a YOU. Not a replica of models, just you. Who else is better at being you than you? Don’t try to be someone else. We’re all gifted with something that no one else has, use it, share it with the world.



Any thoughts?

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