There could possibly be something better…?

How does the search for a new mattress become the turning point of how I look at relationships? I’ll tell you. A ridiculous story 😂

I don’t know if it’s age or an old mattress. I’ve been tossing and turning and aching in the morning. I’m mostly a side sleeper. Hmmm…I wonder if my mattress is the reason for some of the shoulder swelling. Age probably plays a role as well. Since I’m “older” haha, I know the importance of sleep. Good, deep sleep.

I have been researching mattresses for about 3 months. Chose Nectar but shipping delays caused me to cancel. The Purple was a contender. Sleep Number another. I eventually chose Puffy. Why? Like 90% of reviews I came across were good. Only one person gave them gave them a negative review.

So it arrived super quick and was super heavy. My 118 pounds of muscle couldn’t lift it 🤣 That’s what sons are for 😉 It’s a very cute mattress. Puffed up quick and no smell. The first night was OK. I wasn’t in awe. Within a week I noticed I was sleeping on my back throughout the night. Like, I didn’t turn or wake up at all. Sleeping on your back is the best position fyi. My body didn’t feel as tight as normal. The second week I noticed my lower back hurting a little. After a couple of days, it was gone. Third week…I felt a lot better. If I had to rate Puffy…I would say 8 out of 10. Which is really good right?

So why am I still looking for a mattress? Why am I spending at least an hour of my day researching? I mean, I’d have to keep both in my tiny room until I made a decision. The process wouldn’t be easy.

Again, WHY? Because there could possibly be something better. There could be a 10! Guess what I did? I put in another order. Saatva this time. Guess what else I did? Cancelled it the same day because a bunch of negative reviews popped up. I did research it first. Why I decided to go back and look for more after I made the purchase? I don’t know. The universe was obviously directing my attention that way.

That morning I was thinking, wow…I kind of do this with relationships. My intimate ones. I look for flaws and I use them as an excuse because I can’t commit. Instead of just speaking my truth, I pick at the problems instead of saying how I really feel.

There is also that fear of settling. I am very well aware of what I deserve and I make no apologies for it. So what if I want a mattress that’s a 10? Or a partner I see as a 10?

Well…does a 10 actually exist? I couldn’t find any mattress reviews that had 10 stars. Close but not perfect. Is there such thing as a perfect person? I’m not one and I’ve never known anyone to be either.

Do I get into bed and feel… aaaahhh? Yes. Do I toss and turn less? Yes. Does my body still ache constantly? No. Could it be better? Yes. It can be a tad softer. Overall are you happy with it? Yes.

So why the hell was I still looking for another mattress??? ::sighs:: I got issues like Julia Micheals.

To make matters even more ridiculous. I have a friend (whom I’ve known for only a short time) say to me…in response to my “there could possibly be something better. I’m so indecisive.”

Him – “in love and mattresses.”

“I like you, possibly love you, but what if my soul mate is still out there?”

OMG! I was dumbfounded by his comment. How he was able to connect the two. Then again he’s a Virgo. We are great at reading people.

I undeniably have a fear of wholeheartedly committing to someone. Not saying that my previous relationships were supposed to last. I’ve discovered the connections. I move out of relationships very unattached. Searching and wanting more with each. It’s a cycle I’ve been in my whole life.

Who would have thought that a search for finding the best mattress could teach me so much?!

What does this mean? I have learned something else about myself. Now I can work on it. Face my fears full on. This is such a good thing.

So…do you think I’m keeping my mattress?? 😆


We at Puffy want not only you to have amazing sleep, but to hopefully brighten the days of those in need by providing them with better sleep too! With your help, we can try and make the nights a little better to children who need it most.

Just spread the word!

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We will donate a brand new Puffy Mattress to a Children’s Shelter for every 20 posts from different followers!

Any thoughts?

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