Tag: Facing your fears

There could possibly be something better…?

How does the search for a new mattress become the turning point of how I look at relationships? I’ll tell you. A ridiculous story πŸ˜‚ I don’t know if it’s age or an old mattress. I’ve been tossing and turning and aching in the morning. I’m mostly a side sleeper. Hmmm…I wonder if my mattress

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Doing what makes you feel uncomfortable…

I did it! Finally. Now…it’s a matter of sticking to it. That’s another problem I have. Sticking with something all the way through. I tend to have too many little projects going on. Just yesterday I was thinking I should get back into my Ebay art 😁 I had to tell myself, NO. WAIT. I’m

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Because I have too πŸ˜‘

I’m a writer. I guess you could say it’s my comfort zone. At least that’s what my project partner says 😁 Even the astrologers I follow are talking about my comfort zone. I never really thought of it that way. It’s true. I don’t feel nervous when I’m expressing myself through writing. What makes me uncomfortable???

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