A Girl…

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I’m a girl chasing possibilities.

A girl with a lot of hope and big dreams.

A girl who believes in happy endings.

I can’t stay because what if…

I run. Because the thought of settling scares the hell out of me.

A girl scared of mediocrity.

A girl scared to live a life of desperation.

Loving for the sake of loving is something I refuse to accept. For if there is no magic, what is the point?

Content. I despise that word with the passion.

Happy. In a mediocre way. OK for some but not for me.

No company is better than bad company. Your surroundings are a reflection of you. And I choose love, light and beauty only.

And this… is why I spend much of my time alone.

The irony.

Longing and never fulfilled.

Any thoughts?

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